We are listed in the top 10 Real Estate Agencies in Werribee

Tandon Real Estate is based in Werribee, Prashant Tandon the Director of their company is a Licensed Estate Agent in Tandon Real Estate. He has tremendous experience of Selling your property in your local suburb Werribee, Wyndhamvale, Tarneit and Hoppers Crossing, VIC, Australia. We are listed in the Top 10 Real Estate Agencies in Werribee, Tandon Real Estate is offering many offers to reduce your marketing cost and give you a free property appraisal.

top 10 Real Estate Agencies in Werribee

Tandon Real Estate is a family-owned business based in Werribee in one of the highly sought-after market for first time owners, upgraders and new migrants. Our company was established in 2020 in tough market conditions, financial crisis amid lockdowns in Covid-19 where people have lost jobs and loved ones and we wanted to start our own journey in Business and contribute to our community in a positive manner.
We have over 30 years of experience from understanding of our client’s needs and circumstances, our goal is to achieve the best result. At Tandon Real Estate we pride at our long-established track record of outstanding client relationships and maintaining the highest level of service delivery. Our motto is to be diligent, honest and act with integrity.

Tandon Real Estate is open for business to list your property and sell it..

Tandon Real Estate’s Agents

Prashant Tandon (Director, Licensed Estate Agent)

Prashant is a Finance professional with over 20 years of experience specialising in Banking and Finance and operational management. My experience has been in dealing in a wide range of financial products in my capacity as Bank Manager at Westpac Bank. I later worked as a Fund Manager at Infinity Capital Fund Management which included business, commercial and property development finance.
Prashant’s Real Estate experience extends to both Residential and Commercialworking with Developers Solovey as Head of Finance and Operations. I looked after the Residential House and Land Packages in outer Suburbs, in Commercial space I looked after Childcare Centres, Medical clinics and Gas stations through different stages of development. Presently I work at Rodney Morley Real Estate as Licensed Estate Agent in Toorak, I have finally made the call to start our operations in Western Suburb under the same umbrella with my company in the background as Tandon Real Estate.

I am a local living in Werribee and Altona Meadows for the last 10 years and would love to assist my fellow property Owners and Renters in this great city of Melbourne. I am a professional who will answer and return your call, committed to work in your best interest and achieve a great result.

My success begins with you.

Tanya Tian (Business Development Manager)

Tanya is an experienced Business Development Manager for the past 10 years working with small and medium businesses in the Western suburbs. For the last 4 years Tanya has been employed by Medibank Private as a Local Business Development Manager.

Tanya is bilingual and speaks Mandarin and English, she has had great success and enjoys networking, advising and assisting her clients.

Tanya is a mom of 3 young children and is instrumental in raising 2 beautiful girls, Amelia is 9 years and Alisha is 6 years with a 4-month-old baby boy named Ethan. Prashant and Tanya have lived in the Western Suburbs from 2010 and have enjoyed raising the family.

We are looking forward to work with our local community and share some great stories of success for our valued clients.

We welcome you to be part of our new adventure……

top 10 Real Estate Agencies in Werribee

Jillian Griffin (Customer Experience Manager)

Jillian is known for her impeccable organisational skills, attention to detail and professionalism. Her varied experience will make the process simple, a smooth transition for all of our clients, ranging from your first phone call through to the settlement day.

Jillian has worked at Rodney Morley Real Estate in Toorak and her warm personality played an important role in building positive relationships in a number of her dealings within the business. Jillian has great experience in the selling process, right from the initial styling, advertising, copywriting and sales advice.

Jillian also has a diverse background in both Management and Consultancy, Property Styling and the soft furnishing Industry. Jillian has been running her own business Simply Residential/Get Staged for the last 15 years.

We welcome Jillian to our business and look forward to a long and happy association.

Tandon Real Estate’s Offering Services:

Property Appraisal:

Property appraisal is the process of comparing and evaluating the market value for your real estate asset. Fair market value (FMV) is the price a property would sell for given a reasonable amount of time and assumes the buyer and seller know about all the details of the property. For the appraiser to get an accurate value, they must collect appropriate data and apply one or more approaches. He or she will then explain the appraisal decision in a final reconciliation of value.

Rental Appraisal:

One of the most important things you can do when buying an investment property is get a rental appraisal. It, more than anything, can help you assess the financial viability of your investment and assist in budgeting for your expected return. But what is a rental appraisal, when should you get one and what are appraisers looking for when they carry one out?

A rental appraisal gives you an up-to-date idea of what your investment property could be rented for. Performed by an experienced and local professional, a good rental appraisal will give you a detailed explanation of what your property could return in rental income, given the current market conditions.

Commercial Appraisal

One of the many things business owners need to have a handle on is commercial real estate appraisal. Many business owners are surprised to find that the appraisal process for a commercial building is much different than that of a residential one. 

top 10 Real Estate Agencies in Werribee

Real Estate

A commercial appraisal is a lengthier and often more subjective process that involves a large number of factors. If you’re a small business owner, it’s essential that you have a grasp on how the process works. 

The Real Estate Agency Market in Werribee’s main goal is to satisfying the needs of the customer-now and in the future. The best known aspects of Tandon Real Estate is to focus on customer, continuous improvement, teamwork are explicitly or implicitly aimed at the achievement of this objective. Service quality is particularly important in the real estate business where the residential real estate market is rapidly and constantly changing.

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