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Would you like to discover how much your home is worth in the current market and the value of it? This is crucial to know if you want to place your house on the market. Free property appraisals are available from Tandon Real Estate to keep you knowledgeable, informed  and educated about your properties value.

Tandon Real Estate provides you with a free no obligation property appraisal, and we strongly encourage that you make an informed decision after discussing your plans with one of our Property experts.  An experienced agent will visit your house at the most suitable time for analysing the property and making a few notes to guarantee an accurate assessment. It allows you to begin the sales process at home with the exact value of your house in the current market. Knowing how much your house or property may sell, so you may prepare for your future move.

Our customers ask for home assessments for various reasons, the first to have an accurate price estimate when they seek to purchase or sell. Sellers must be informed of the value of their house before selling, while buyers must be aware of the actual worth of a home before making a bid or offer.

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