We are proud of Melbourne as one of the world’s best living city and ithe sports capital of the country. Local Real Estate Agent from Melbourne entails deep local knowledge obtained from the trends and changes in Melbourne’s properties and may enable us to better address market movements. Thereby helping you unleash the full potential of your property and maximise profit.

Melbourne is the most populated city of the Australian territory of Victoria, and the second most crowded city in Australia and Oceania. Melbourne regularly finds high results in worldwide living standards polls — and it is not difficult to see why. It is adored by inhabitants and visitors alike, with a lively international environment, a flourishing cultural sector and a friendly café culture.

Melbourne is Victoria’s administration, recreation, culture and commercial centre with its distinctive network of urban lanes, one of the world’s major tram networks, Bus and rail and ofcos the Yarra River.

Furthermore, you have a lively mix that appeals to long term inhabitants and visitors to Australia’s second-largest city, including suburbs like St Kilda, Brighton, Elwood, Port Melbourne and Docklands.

The city provides many opportunities for inhabitants, including greenery and marked walks and biking trails. Local authorities, notably the Melbourne City Council, have also declared a sustainability commitment that identifies greenhouse gas reduction, decreased water usage and sustainable construction as significant long-term goals.

You can’t look past our staff here at Tandon Real Estate when you’re working with local real estate in Melbourne. We strive and look after our clients which make us one of Melbourne’s top-rated organisation. We will help you in:

Sell house

We have been able to meet objectives despite the volatile market in the last 1 year.

Rent Your Home

We guarantee properties to be well managed and rent paid in due course.

Off-plan sale

Our group has extensive expertise selling residential projects off the shelf.


Access to high network clients locally and internationally

Our network of high-profile customers has a strong relationship with local and international personalities and is one of our valuable assets. In particular, our contacts in Southeast Asia can provide overseas buyers with the opportunity to access the market in Melbourne.

Proven successful marketing property

We know how to make the optimal use of online, offline, digital or conventional media to grow our vast database of recognised customers and provide you with the right opportunities to access, reach and target the right partner.

Talk to a local specialist

 No one understands more about the local market than the officials living and breathing the district themselves. They would comprehend the housing market and look at the market trends, location, demand and look after the clients to make an informed decision.

Know how you are

Be clear about what you want from schools to public transit in a place. The suburbs that call you on a drive must be listed. Go to the suburbs and spend time, drink a coffee and go. A plunge into a suburb is the easiest method to get to know one and explore a future with potential for yourself and your family.

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